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(2015) Haven
 Dear Friend –
Thank you so much for taking time to listen to this album. It is a very personal and probably, my most important album to date. I’ve spent the last 10 years writing and re-writing, wrestling with and praying about the subjects you will be hearing. None of them came easily to me and all of them have special meaning because they represent someone I know and love.
After 30 years in the ministry, traveling to different countries, worshipping in different languages and sharing with different denominations I have seen and heard things within the body of Christ that have really troubled me in my spirit. I have seen so many young people leave the faith because they feel a real disconnect between the lives they are living and the paradigms set up by their leaders. I have sat with men and women of all ages who are going through really difficult situations, many of whom don’t feel safe to share their experiences within the body because of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of retribution, fear of being invisible, fear of being out-ed. There is so much guilt and shame being carried around by believers today and many feel they do not measure up to those that seem to have all the answers or with those who lead such seemingly perfect, carefree lives.
So I wanted to start a conversation. A personal, private, intimate conversation. A conversation about what is really happening in the church today. Let’s be honest about the sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, rape, divorce, infertility, addictions, poverty, intolerance, racism, bullying, premarital sex and abortion that so many of us are dealing with. Let’s talk about homosexuality. Let’s talk about the role of women in positions of leadership. All these subjects and many more like them need a safe space to be discussed and open hearts and minds to discuss them.
We, the church, must stop ignoring problems we don't feel comfortable talking about. We need to stop giving people bumper sticker platitudes and start opening our hearts to the cries heard all around us everyday. People are so tired of those within the church that are judgemental, hypocrital, dismissive and dogmatic. They are tired of being preached at. They want to be seen and heard, to be held and comforted and spoken with instead of spoken to. Some need their struggle and pain to be validated and all of us need to be loved regardless of what "sins" we may be struggling with or what we may be addicted to and even who we choose to love. 
Paul said in 1 Cor 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. We, as a body, must be willing to accept that we don't have all the answers. We must all be willing to evolve in our understanding of scripture, to keep growing in compassion and mercy and always have teachable hearts. None of us are perfect, none of us know all there is to know so let us learn from one another in humility and with respect.
These songs are my way of getting the conversation started. They are the stories of young women I have mentored, family members and loved ones I have met over the years and dear, precious friends. These are my songs and their songs; these are OUR songs. Some may be hard to sing along to, but maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s time to just listen. To be the silent shoulder that so many need today in a world that is screaming for attention; a world that cares more about being right, than being whole.
Some may question why I am doing what I am doing. Some may be offended that I have dared bring them up in such a public way. Some may believe that I have taken the attention away from Christ and placed it on people. Some may be angry that I do not agree with their interpretation of scripture. Some may think I have left the faith and backslidden into a "let's tolerate everything" or "water down the word" mentality. I assure you that nothing is more important to me than the words of my Master Jesus. In fact, it is my most frequent prayer that we all start doing the works of Jesus instead of just talking about them.  
I can only say that I must follow my heart. I must be obedient to what I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to do and I humbly ask that you would pray for me. That you would ask Father to reveal His will for my life, that I might serve Him better and love Him more. We don’t have to agree about everything to be in the family of God, but we do have to love one another and it was Jesus Himself who prayed that we all might be one as He and the Father were One.
I pray Father's hand will continue to cover you and your family, that His love will fill your lives with laughter, joy, peace and kindness, that His word will build in you the character of His precious Son Jesus and that His Spirit will lead and guide you always.
Please feel free to share my music with as many people as you would like. May it be a blessing to you and to others. Thank you for listening, thank you for sharing, and thank you for being you. I am now, as ever, your friend and sister in Christ, Pamela.


If you would like to bless me personally or send me a little cash for the music I've shared with you just hit that little paypal button and let your heart be your guide. Please give cheerfully and with intention. I thank you for sowing into the music ministry entrusted to me and for your giving heart. I add my faith to yours for a rich harvest pressed down, shaken together and running over.


(1998) "Primary Colors" or "Colores Primarios" (in honor of my grandfather who taught me my colors) was recorded. This album was my first solo attempt at writing, arranging and producing an album. I learned how to sequence on a Korg 01 WFD keyboard. I always loved to dance so you will hear a lot of different kinds of dance music on this one. From Salsa to Techno. The album is mostly in Spanish but there are a couple of songs in English.

I learned a great lesson about myself during this time; that I should NEVER underestimate what God can do through you if you are willing to have the courage to be obedient. DON'T BE AFRAID TO RECORD YOUR SONGS YOURSELF! I know from what I speak. The greatest hindrance to the Kingdom of God moving forward is NOT those around us - it's our own insecurities and fears that paralyze us from acting. I encourage you - observe, read, ask questions and try it for yourself. I did once and have done so ever since, you will notice each record sounds better than the one before it - growing is good and you know what? It's good that those that listen to and appreciate the music entrusted to you SEE you grow. You can do it - trust me - if I can - you can too.

Reviewer's Quote - Pamela's musical arrangements are simply beautiful, there's a smooth Amy Grant-like vibe to her voice with a Miami Sound Machine musicality - Leonard Fritzell - Editor - Positive Beat Magazine

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(2002) "Simple Man's Daughter" is my second English album. With the help of Dan Mellado, (my boy wonder) and a few friends of mine, we recorded over 20 songs for this project, with 12 songs finally selected for the album. I am especially proud of these songs. You'll hear everything from jazz, bossanova, country pop and acoustical R&B grooves. This album is as much Dan's as it is mine - his help in writing and arranging the music was invaluable. The introduction track is a tasty example of what you can hear on his debut album "Emotions".


Reviewed by Dustin Helgeson @

From the Republic of Panama comes this Latin-tinged pop album: a refreshing change from the usual rock and pop music. The album starts out with a surprising instrumental guitar piece and melts into the sound of the ocean on the worshipful "You Alone", interweaving Spanish and English in beautiful contrast. "For This Reason" is an excellent guitar-flavoured pop piece suitable for radio. "Dangerous" is a soulful, catchy song about a relationship..."Temptation is too hard to resist,'re dangerous." Thanks to excellent musicians, such as Dan "El Skinny" Mellado, who plays all guitars, bass and keys, this album stands out. Pamela's voice is smooth, warm and sometimes sexy, bringing images of the tropics to mind. There's a lot of space here and nothing feels rushed. "Save Me From Me" has the floating chorus that declares "I've got to break free, Jesus come and rescue me from me." The production is tastefully done in a way that compliments Clark, such as the reverb that is well utilised on her voice. The album ends with a heartfelt cry about the events of Sept 11th, 2001, interweaving Clark's lyrics, which speak of how many Americans felt, with the powerful words of George W Bush, speaking after the attacks. So breathe in deep and relax to "Simple Man's Daughter."


(2000) "Listen and Believe" is my first English album and after 4 years of writing material I recorded an album that was more of a healing project for me personally. Many of the song's lyrics are simply the WORD of God set to music. The CD first track comes enhanced with pictures, lyrics and a slide show explaining each song's origin. There's a little bit of everything on this one, from R&B to Soft Acoustical Rock. There's something to be said for learning how to play an instrument for yourself - it takes dedication and hard work. I think every singer/songwriter has a true appreciation for their band members - after trying to play things for myself - it just made me want to take my guitar player out to lunch more often to say "thank you."

Review Issue 68 Cross Rhythms Magazine - UK 7/10. Reviewer: John Baugh

Almost defying a category, the second collection (first in English) from Pamela. From dc Talk-ish rock to ballad via rootsy acoustic, even edging towards doo-wop (Holy Holy). It's taken four years for her to write, play most of the instruments and record and to me it sounds like time well spent. Production standards are high with the clear quality of Pamela's voice shining through especially in my favourite, the minimally instrumented "Alpha/Omega". It's an enhanced CD so once I realized the enhanced bit was on track one (confusing my CD player) I could enjoy lyrics, notes and pictures. And track 16 gives you a real thank you from Pamela herself. Intrigued? Check her out for yourself!

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(2004) "Ethos7" This is truly a compilation album because I have about 5 different artists and bands collaborating on this one with me. I so enjoy the feeling of freedom - to be able to write and sing whatever I feel and know that somewhere there is someone who will understand and appreciate it. Ethos is the defining culture - the heart and soul - the center of something. For me, that would be the Godhead.(7) He is the center of all I know to be true in my life. This album has 13 songs of rock and pop mixed with rhythm and harmony. I put more of myself into this CD than anything I have done so far... Oh how I loved every moment of it.

ETHOS7 (2004)

Reviewed by Kevan Breitinger @

Boldness and strength, two qualities that I adore in a Christian artist, are especially delightful in a woman. Pamela Clark has these qualities in spades, and "Ethos 7, her fourth album, rocks its way through bold truths with competence and joy. There's a nice variety to the songs, with a touch of swing sax here and there, some edgy hip-hop flavas scattered throughout, and the shoobie vocals of "Little More." She's not afraid to confront; the challenges of "Anymore" are boldly in your face. Not everyone will be comfortable with this song, but I don't know that that's necessarily negative. I have a feeling Clark would be happy to see some squirming in her audience.

Her mission field is her home of Panama and funds raised by CD sales will go to fulfill that work. Knowing this helped me enjoy my favorite track, the bonus untitled closer, even more. Passionate and intense, some of it in Spanish. But some things transcend language limitations, don't they? Pamela Clark is someone you don't want to miss.